It’s not only independence they’re deluded about

Somebody needs to pass a message to the good folk of Aberdeen that the 1990s are over:

ALMOST three-quarters of oil and gas workers are considering looking for work outside the UK because the North Sea industry continues to suffer from plunging oil prices, according to a survey.

The research by industry website Rigzone found 71 per cent of respondents across the UK are thinking about a move overseas, with a lack of job security cited as the main reason by those working in Scotland and the North Sea.

Yeah?  And where the fuck are they going to go, exactly?  There was a time when North Sea workers could walk into an expat position in the developing world by virtue of being a paleface, which drove the proliferation of aged, largely useless, alcoholic whoremongers in key positions in regions such as the Middle East and Asia.  Those days have all but come to an end since their peak in the 1990s, mainly due to three factors:

1. The brown folk done got educated, and started to do a lot of the work themselves.

2. The foreigners worked out they were employing tossers and started to put in place basic requirements such as being able to read and write.

3. Local content legislation.

As such, nowadays it is not so simple to just turn up in a foreign land and take a job because Aberdeen isn’t working out for you.

But that’s not the real problem here.  I know Aberdeen is a bit remote from the rest of the UK and the world in general, but even they must have heard that the oil price collapse has affected the whole, global industry! If these clowns took the time to read about the oil industry in the places they are supposing to relocate to, they’d see that companies are laying off and major players cutting back everywhere from Australia to Alaska and Trinidad to Thailand.  Two of the countries representing the biggest potential for development – Russia and Brazil – have seen their oil industries grind to a halt due to, respectively, short-sighted warmongering and rampant, wholesale corruption.

Everywhere is cutting back, hiring freezes are widespread, there are almost no jobs, anywhere.  Whoever thinks they’re going to leave Aberdeen and get a job overseas is in dreamland.

OIL industry engineer Neil Munro, 48, of Aberdeenshire, is being forced to seek work abroad as jobs are becoming so scarce in the UK.

“Six months ago there were plenty of jobs out there; now there is very little.

“I have no doubts I will end up abroad, and have been actively looking at Africa and Asia.

“It is difficult finding a job in Aberdeen, so I will probably end up abroad.”

Okay Neil, let me help you: Africans and Asians aren’t hiring.  And they are especially not hiring Scotsmen whose only motivation for working in Africa or Asia is that there is no work back home and they are desperate.  If you wanted to work in Africa or Asia, then you should have gotten yourself a job in those locations during the good times and built up some relevant experience.  But no, you’d rather live in Aberdeen because it’s easier.  Which is fine, but there are plenty of others who didn’t take the easy route and made the necessary sacrifices to build up overseas experience because they knew, long term, the job opportunities were better globally than in Aberdeen.

The married father-of-three, who will become redundant in the summer, said: “The timing couldn’t be worse, with the oil price drop and oil companies following their typical knee-jerk short-term boom-and-bust strategies and cutting projects and workforce numbers.

Let me guess, you thought the good times were going to last forever?  Shit, the day-rates in Aberdeen had risen to taking-the-piss levels, fuelling a housing boom that was outstripping even London’s.  Some sort of correction needed to happen, and you should have made as much hay while the sun shone in preparation for it.  And if you think this oil price drop is a blip and the oil companies shouldn’t be cutting costs, you really don’t understand the industry you’ve chosen to work in.  This isn’t knee-jerk, this is accepting reality.

“No doubt in six to 12 months’ time, the oil price will pick up and for a while there will be a shortage of people to meet the demand, and projects which could have continued now will suffer delays.”

So despite sky-rocketting salaries in Aberdeen during the biggest boom the industry’s ever seen and sustained for almost a decade, you’re not in a position to ride out 6-12 months of a slowdown?

“At present there are a couple of jobs in Aberdeen and the North Sea that I am trying for, but no doubt so will many others, so I need to look further afield in order to hopefully find a job and pay the mortgage.

Let me guess: the mortgage on that wildly overpriced house you bought?  If your own finances are in a critical state, surely you can understand the predicament the oil companies are in with their own collapsing revenues?

And isn’t this ironic:

Jake Molloy, regional organiser for the RMT union, said the industry must work to keep skilled employees, warning their loss would endanger the health and safety of offshore workers.

He added: “Companies must work at managing this difficult downturn during the reduction in oil prices because the situation will approve again.

“If we lose the seasoned ­experts, then the industry will suffer.”

This Jake Molloy is the same dickhead who is calling for strike action over oil companies slightly reducing the work rotations from fucking cushy to merely cushy, and threatening to sabotage the whole industry by ceasing cooperation with the oil companies in implementing the European Safety Directive.  The sort of actions that would do more than anything to ensure that the situation will never “approve” again.

Between the expectation that the oil price would stay high forever along with their bumper salaries and conditions, the idea that they can just go abroad and pick up work, the threats of strike action and the ludicrous local property market, it’s hard not to conclude that the people who make up the Aberdeen oil industry are living in cloud-cuckoo land.  For the sake of themselves, their families, and their industry they’d better snap out of it sharpish.

“Gissa job!”


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