Staying on the subject of Russia, in August I linked to this article:

Rosneft refused to publish Sechin’s income declaration for 2013 this June, despite Russian President Vladimir Putin signing a decree in July last year ordering state-controlled companies to disclose payments to top managers.

Now we know why:

Rosneft president Igor Sechin’s desire to keep his remuneration under wraps has hit the skids.


Speaking in Russia’s Duma — the lower house of parliament — on growing corruption in the country, Russian Communist party deputy Valery Rashkin revealed that Sechin is paid 4.5 million roubles (around $115,000) per day.


That translates into an annual salary of more than $45 million — a bit shy from the assessment of Sechin’s 2013 remuneration of $50 million that the Russian edition of Forbes published earlier this year.

I’m sure those Russians who have been asked to tighten their belts and ride out the sanctions will consider him worth every kopek.


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