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Gosplan revisited

There’s some real bollocks being peddled in Britain’s Daily Telegraph by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard ahead of the climate jamboree in Paris: The fossil fuel industry has taken a very cavalier bet that China, India and the developing world will continue to block any serious effort to curb greenhouse emissions, and that there is, in any case, no viable alternative to oil, gas or coal for decades to come. Why might that be? Both assumptions were still credible six years ago when the Copenhagen climate […]

Blah, blah, blah

According to Upstream Online: A climate strategy is needed, and quickly It is? The topic under discussion is the Oil & Gas Climate Initiative, which I wrote about here. This is not all “blah, blah, blah,” argued Repsol chief executive Josu Jon Imaz San Miguel when talking in Paris last week about an oil industry initiative to help tackle climate change. No?  We shall see. The Spaniard was one of the oil and gas industry leaders who stuck their heads above […]

Sharpen those axes

Norway’s Statoil isn’t fucking about in Houston: Around 70 Statoil employees reportedly were stripped of their jobs with immediate effect at its Houston-area offices in the US after refusing to take voluntary redundancy as part of manpower cutbacks at the Norwegian state-run oil giant. Ouch!  I don’t think we’re in Norway any more, Olaf! Retrenched staff – largely drawn from the company’s IT, technical and communication departments within its upstream business – were offered voluntary redundancy packages or alternative positions […]


Well, fancy that: The initial report of a Brazilian congressional investigation into corruption at state-run Petrobras concluded late Monday that the company and politicians did no wrong, and that suppliers and rogue employees were responsible for graft, according to a report. Thank heavens for that!  When the CEO and senior executives of Petrobras resigned in February, I pessimistically thought Brazil had sunk into the mire of corruption and graft that seems to plague South American countries in perpetuity. But it turns […]

Get off your knees!

This is not good news for anyone who holds stock in the companies concerned: The leaders of 10 of the world’s biggest oil companies have offered their qualified support for a new global treaty on climate change. The producers of 20% of the world’s oil and gas say they share the ambition to limit warming to 2C. They promise to work to reduce the greenhouse gas intensity of the global energy mix. … The Oil and Gas Climate Initiative represents […]

Les Produits des Grandes Écoles

First this story: Two Air France managers have had their shirts torn as they were forced to flee a meeting on job cuts by angry workers. Human resources manager Xavier Broseta and senior official Pierre Plissonnier had to clamber over a fence, while several others were injured. The men were taking part in talks about plans for 2,900 job losses when hundreds of workers stormed into Air France headquarters at Roissy. This scene couldn’t be more French if it had […]