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Nuclear Armed Internet Trolls

In May last year, contrary to what some are saying about Russia’s grand ambitions, I opined that half the problem is they are not grand enough.  For a nation that (making up the bulk of the USSR) put Sputnik into orbit followed by Yuri Gagarin and once had a monopoly on chess mastery, basing the entire future of the nation around pumping oil and gas into the world’s developing economies via two horrendously inefficient and decrepit state-run energy companies was […]



It’s difficult to overstate the seriousness of the impact the Petrobras corruption scandal will have on Brazil’s oil and gas industry, with even top politicians now being accused of involvement in an enormous kickback scheme. Until this scandal broke, there were hopes that Brazil was breaking away from the South American tradition of oilfield development going hand-in-hand with corruption and mismanagement, resulting in stagnation of the whole industry.  With Brazil choosing to channel the bulk of its future development through […]


Vertebrates need not apply

The other week I was at a party and I heard a splendid little anecdote.  The party was on behalf of a driller who was turning 65, but had retired several years before.  The driller was a real, old-school company man and had worked for the same oil company for his whole working life, clocking up something in the region of 35 years with them.  During the party somebody happened to mention a certain individual from the driller’s former company […]