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Don’t ask, don’t tell: oilfield version

Upstream Online reports a change in ExxonMobil policy: ExxonMobil has changed its business conduct policies to explicitly forbid discrimination of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender employees, a move the corporation has previously resisted. … The US supermajor had, to the chagrin of LGBT rights activists, previously insisted that broad anti-discrimination policies were adequate to protect its employees. Multiple shareholder resolutions on the subject were brought up but ultimately rejected. The Human Rights Campaign, an LGBT rights organisation, has previously ranked […]


After making a comment on a post at Tim Worstall’s blog, one of his readers alerted me to another article by the same Mr Worstall at The Register.  He makes the case that the oil industry is currently in a period of fundamental change akin to that of the computing industry when it moved from mainframes to PCs: Before the PC came along, those engaged in research or communication were tied to large institutions. Heavy computing was done at central […]

Un caso de una cesta

As was expected inevitable, the Venezuelan economy is tanking thanks to blitheringly idiotic socialist economic policies and a plunging oil price.  The former bus driver who is running the country had this to say: President Nicolas Maduro said the economy had been hit by political instability and falling oil prices. He accused the United States of flooding the markets with oil as part of an economic war against Russia. This must be the only time in history a country has […]

One supermajor too many?

It is difficult to talk about the oil price these days without somebody or other popping up with a conspiracy theory involving the Saudis deliberately not cutting back on production in order to simultaneously cripple Russia, damage Iran, and hobble the fledgling US shale oil industry. Streetwise Professor does an admirable job of explaining why this is bollocks, that the price drop is from the demand side, and the Saudis cutting production would cause them to lose revenue (which is […]

Malheureusement, nous ne sommes pas Charlie

Before the echoes of the gunfire from the first attack in this (hopefully) now completed week of carnage in Paris had faded, debates erupted all over the internet as to how other news and media organs should respond.  How they actually responded, with very few exceptions, was to condemn the killings and reaffirm the importance of free speech while refraining from reprinting any of Charlie Hebdo’s content that might be deemed offensive.  This resulted in many charges of cowardice against […]