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There appears to be no date in sight for a restart of the giant Kashagan project offshore Kazakhtsan, which started up in September last year following 12 years of engineering and construction only to be shut down almost immediately, then restarted and then again shut down a few days later and left that way until now.  The most optimistic are hoping that it starts up sometime this year. The Kashagan project is extremely complicated and technically challenging, not least because […]


I said scaffold, not gallows.

I have a buddy – let’s call him Alf – who used to run a scaffolding company in a somewhat backward country which, like so many of them, had stumbled across a whole load of oil and gas and had little to no idea how to get it out of the ground safely.  As such, a large western oil company had been invited in and subsequently built and operated a plant in the middle of nowhere (and they’re still there).  […]


Sorry old chap, Ahmed was sleeping.

The family of this guy might have a point.  Let’s take a look: The family of a Houston-area man killed in the In Amenas terrorist attack in Algeria last year is suing operator BP for failing to protect the victim and for being dishonest about how he died. In a lawsuit filed in Harris County, Texas, on 31 March, the family of Fred Buttaccio claims that employer BP did not provide him with wireless access that could have informed him […]