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Stakhanovite spotted

Some whining recruiter has posted this picture on LinkedIn: Let’s look at this in more detail, shall we? A recruiter works hard… Really?  What, exactly, does spamming everyone on a pilfered distribution list, demanding information such as salary details and passport information, have to do with working hard? and sends 50 profiles to the Company. 50 profiles?!!  For one position?!  I suppose whittling down the candidates to a manageable number, say 7-10, is a bit too much effort for our […]


In Reply to Young PETE

Commenter Young PETE has asked me a couple of questions in the comments under the previous post, and I have decided to answer them in a post of its own.  First, YP’s comment: I stumbled upon your website and have been reading your posts for the past few hours, and agree with practically all of it. One of the common trends you discuss within majors is technical ineptitude and lack of integrity/character on a junior level, which evolves to middle […]