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Shutting the gate might have helped

I’m rather glad about this: The family of two Britons killed in a terrorist attack on the In Amenas gas plant in Algeria reportedly intend to sue UK supermajor BP over an alleged lack of adequate security measures at the facility. It follows a UK inquest this week into the deaths of seven Britons killed in the armed siege that heard “unnecessary and intentional” delays meant government intelligence about terror plots to kidnap British workers in Algeria was not passed […]


Sorry old chap, Ahmed was sleeping.

The family of this guy might have a point.  Let’s take a look: The family of a Houston-area man killed in the In Amenas terrorist attack in Algeria last year is suing operator BP for failing to protect the victim and for being dishonest about how he died. In a lawsuit filed in Harris County, Texas, on 31 March, the family of Fred Buttaccio claims that employer BP did not provide him with wireless access that could have informed him […]