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Hypocrisy from Greenpeace, Double Standards from UK HSE

I am all for the right of citizens to protest anything they like, and consider it to be a cornerstone of a civilised society, but I’m not so happy about this: Greenpeace has built a 10-metre high mock fracking rig outside Parliament, to protest the Government’s support for the controversial drilling method. The rig, accompanied by lorry and drilling sounds and featuring a flare which fires up every hour, was erected to coincide with the opening of a public inquiry […]


From the comments over at Tim Worstall’s: I happen to do a little work for a company started by a South African. He bought a British company and pitched up at a board meeting (chaired by a peer) where they were discussing which particular knob should be on the ethics committee or the audit committee. His contribution was “who’s going to be on the fucking profit committee?” Which serves nicely to illustrate the point I made here. The Daily Mail […]

Gordon’s ghost

This is bullshit: David Cameron will fly to Aberdeen on Thursday to announce a £250m package to prop up the North Sea oil industry, the first stage of an infrastructure investment for the city. The prime minister will promise a new “oil and gas technology centre” in Aberdeen to fund future research, including into innovative ways to extract oil and gas. His visit comes as the North Sea struggles against slumping oil prices, which have left many of its companies […]

It’s not only independence they’re deluded about

Somebody needs to pass a message to the good folk of Aberdeen that the 1990s are over: ALMOST three-quarters of oil and gas workers are considering looking for work outside the UK because the North Sea industry continues to suffer from plunging oil prices, according to a survey. The research by industry website Rigzone found 71 per cent of respondents across the UK are thinking about a move overseas, with a lack of job security cited as the main reason […]

Back to the ’70s!

When the idea of the EU regulating offshore oil and gas activities first raised its head several years ago, it was met with opposition from those in the industry who were skeptical that a bunch of bureaucrats in Brussels could do a better job than the existing national regulators.  Surprisingly the most outspoken opponents were the French, albeit obviously with an eye on their substantial UK North Sea presence: French oil major Total has strongly criticised the European Union plans […]


Well whaddya know, former BP boss John Browne reads this blog: UK North Sea costs have “gone out of control” and some companies are bound to go bust in the current low price environment, former BP chief executive John Browne has said. … “Industries where there’s so much money floating around inevitably become a bit bloated and they have to slim down.” A point I made less than two weeks ago: Having enjoyed an oil price sustained around $100 for […]