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Don’t ask, don’t tell: oilfield version

Upstream Online reports a change in ExxonMobil policy: ExxonMobil has changed its business conduct policies to explicitly forbid discrimination of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender employees, a move the corporation has previously resisted. … The US supermajor had, to the chagrin of LGBT rights activists, previously insisted that broad anti-discrimination policies were adequate to protect its employees. Multiple shareholder resolutions on the subject were brought up but ultimately rejected. The Human Rights Campaign, an LGBT rights organisation, has previously ranked […]


If I’m a guest, you’re a rotten host!

There is a peculiar notion out there that expatriate workers, or at least those in the oil industry, are “guests” in their country of assignment. This term conjures up images of being invited to a party, or staying with a friend or family member on holiday, and is often used to imply the expat should behave in a manner befitting such a guest. This idea needs to be looked at in more detail. Let’s first consider whether oil industry expats […]