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I know-a nothing!

In amongst all this doom and gloom there’s a bright ray of sunshine for one company: Saipem has finally secured the $1.8 billion contract to construct a pair of pipelines at the giant Kashagan project in Kazakhstan’s Caspian Sea region. The Italian contractor has been handed the deal to build the two 95-kilometre pipelines by the North Caspian Operating Company (NCOC), Kashagan’s operator. Now that’s a nice little contract, isn’t it? Saipem was thought to be in pole position to […]

Fast Track to Failure

There’s a term that oil and gas company management like to use more and more often in relation to project execution, and that term is “Fast Track”, i.e. this project is Fast Track.  The term is used to designate a project as one whose execution will take place in a shorter time than normal, implying that it is considered a priority or at least its speedy completion is desired by somebody in the hierarchy (usually in order to realise production, […]

Project Management is about to get harder

Every project I’ve worked on that has found itself adrift of where it should be in terms of costs and schedule with the end nowhere in sight (i.e. all of them) there has always been a mentality among the project team that “it will get done eventually”.  Meaning, no matter how bad it looks now eventually the project will be completed and production will start and the whole thing will be deemed a success.  In other words, the concept that […]

It’s really not that difficult

There are essentially two ways to organise and run a project in the oil and gas business. Here’s the first. A small team of Company managers and engineers (plus a handful of finance folk) decide what they want to achieve. They then decide on their preferred method of achieving it, listing in as much detail as possible what tasks need to be done. The list of tasks is called a Work Breakdown Structure. They then look at who they need […]