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What did you learn in school today?

What did you learn in school today, Dear little boy of mine? What did you learn in school today, Dear little boy of mine? I learned our government must be strong. It’s always right and never wrong. Our leaders are the finest men. And we elect them again and again. That’s what I learned in school today. That’s what I learned in school. -“What did you learn in school today?” by Tom Paxton Does anyone remember a Malaysian Airlines plane […]


It’s really not that difficult

There are essentially two ways to organise and run a project in the oil and gas business. Here’s the first. A small team of Company managers and engineers (plus a handful of finance folk) decide what they want to achieve. They then decide on their preferred method of achieving it, listing in as much detail as possible what tasks need to be done. The list of tasks is called a Work Breakdown Structure. They then look at who they need […]

QA/QC Fail

He Who Pays the Piper

This article is refreshing in the honesty of the words reported: Quality in the supply chain is the biggest concern for Shell when it comes to its giant Prelude floating liquefied natural gas project off Australia, according to the project’s director. … The sheer volume of individual contracts involved in the LNG project off the north-east coast of Western Australia also, however, causes problems for those in the supply chain, leading to delays. … When pressed during a conference session […]

Ming the Merciless

King for a Day

Several years ago I found myself stuck in some far-flung oil town over Christmas.  As the holidays approached, one by one the company management flew home and handed over to a skeleton crew who would keep things running in their absence.  Due to no other reason that I was literally the only expat left in the office that particular day, on 28th December I was put in charge of an entire operational department. I had two issues to deal with […]