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In what is becoming a regular occurrence in that company, Mexican state-owned oil company PEMEX experienced another deadly explosion, this time in one of its petrochemical plants: Four more people have been found dead after last week’s explosion at a petrochemical plant in southeastern Mexico, raising the death toll to 32, state oil giant Pemex and Mexican plastic pipe maker Mexichem said in a joint statement on Sunday. The vinyl petrochemical plant in the Gulf coast state of Veracruz is a […]


Barry Morgan, writing on the proposed reforms to Nigeria’s oil industry in Upstream Online, manages to get in a wonderful snark at the end of his article: Minister of State for Petroleum Resources Ibe Kachikwu, who doubles as Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) group managing director, will over the coming days lay out plans to split the state company into 30 standalone units before a proposed initial public offering in 2018. After four decades, the NNPC is clearly in a bit […]

“However did this happen?!”

I once worked for a company that was, by and large, run by a group of acquaintances if not actual mates.  The company was appallingly run, and survived largely on handouts from its parent company that did extremely well out of a monopoly position kindly granted to it by the government.  A feature of this company was regular reorganisations which saw the same dozen or so men (all of the same nationality) shuffled between the senior positions in HQ like […]

Project Management is about to get harder

Every project I’ve worked on that has found itself adrift of where it should be in terms of costs and schedule with the end nowhere in sight (i.e. all of them) there has always been a mentality among the project team that “it will get done eventually”.  Meaning, no matter how bad it looks now eventually the project will be completed and production will start and the whole thing will be deemed a success.  In other words, the concept that […]

Boko’s Harem

I have witnessed two motorbike accidents in my life.  The first occurred in Bali, Indonesia.  I was travelling in the back of a taxi when a downpour started, and a girl in her late teens on a scooter skidded in a traffic jam at low speed and went over on her side.  I was two cars behind her, and after a few seconds of wondering what had just happened I told the taxi driver to stop and jumped out to […]