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Coal scuttle

Last week we had Ambrose Evans-Pritchard telling us that: It is patently obvious that China is not about to sabotage a climate deal.  Its submission to the COP21 summit aims for peak greenhouse emissions by 2030, if not before. It plans 200 gigawatts (GW) of wind and 100GW of solar by then, and a reduction in coal use from 2020 onwards. This week the New York Times tells us: China, the world’s leading emitter of greenhouse gases from coal, has been […]


Deal or No Deal?

I’m a fan of the British TV program Dragons’ Den, a show which features budding entrepreneurs seeking investment from a panel of self-made millionnaires by pitching their ideas to them on camera.  One of the things the show does is reveal gaping deficits in many of the entrepreneurs’ business skills, which the panel – or the dragons, as the show calls them – are quick to pick up on.  A common error made by those hoping to secure investment is […]


Ivan’s Ambitions

Earlier this week the main story in the news was that of a $400bn gas supply deal made between Russia and China.  Most of the media was seemingly awestruck by the magnitude and the much-vaunted (by those making it) significance of the deal, and social media went wild with Russians congratulating each other and making derogatory remarks against the US and Europe. The western media are not the best at intepretting what goes on in Russia to put it mildly, […]